ROB550: Balance Lab

Develop a balancing bicoptor.

ROB550: Maebot Lab

Develop a mobile robot including an efficient motion controller, a robust Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) module, a fast motion planning algorithm and a fail safe exploration strategy.

ROB550: Arm Lab

Program a manipulator to identify object's position in a global frame using computer vision, design a gripper, and plan a means of grabbing the object and moving it to a new location.

ME310 Design Innovation at Staford University

Enabling a safe and comfortable living environment for elderly through a home automation proposition.

Visualization in Engineering: data visualization for flood warning

Develop an interactive data visualization for flood warning system.

Civil Engineering Capstone Challenge

Design and redecorate the student activity space in the Department of Civil Engineering.

Visualization in AEC: SKS Security Robot

Develop a tele-operated security robot in the simulator.

Automation and Robotics: Tele-operated Rescue Robot

Develop a tele-operated rescue robot.

Automation and Robotics: Robot Crane

Develop a tele-operated robotic crane.

Automation and Robotics: Virtual Rescue Robot

Develop a search algorithm for an indoor rescue robot.