Autonomous beam assembly system for steel structure


The present invention relates to a steel structure assembling system. The steel structure assembling system applied to assemble a movable steel beam and a fixed steel structure includes a rotating control device disposed on the movable steel beam for adjusting a relative position of the movable steel beam with respect to the fixed steel structure; an alignment target disposed on the fixed steel structure; and an image sensor disposed on the movable steel beam, sensing a target image of the alignment target and transmitting the target image to a ground operator to render the ground operator to operate the rotating control device to adjust the relative position of the movable steel beam in accordance with the acquired target image.

Ci-Jyun Polar Liang
Ci-Jyun Polar Liang
Assistant Professor (Jan 2024)

My research interests include Human-Robot Collaboration, Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning, BIM, Digital Twins, and Extended Reality.