Teaching robots to perform construction tasks through demonstration

Apply Learning from Demonstration method to teach construction robots.

ROB550: Balance Lab

Develop a balancing bicoptor.

ROB550: Maebot Lab

Develop a mobile robot including an efficient motion controller, a robust Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) module, a fast motion planning algorithm and a fail safe exploration strategy.

ROB550: Arm Lab

Program a manipulator to identify object's position in a global frame using computer vision, design a gripper, and plan a means of grabbing the object and moving it to a new location.

RAS: Robotic Assembly System for Steel Structure

RAS, a robotic assembly system for steel structure, remove workers from high places and perform steel beam assembly tasks semi-automatically.

Visualization in AEC: SKS Security Robot

Develop a tele-operated security robot in the simulator.

Automation and Robotics: Tele-operated Rescue Robot

Develop a tele-operated rescue robot.

Automation and Robotics: Robot Crane

Develop a tele-operated robotic crane.

Automation and Robotics: Virtual Rescue Robot

Develop a search algorithm for an indoor rescue robot.